10 methods to resolve your dispute on parenting or finances
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10 methods to resolve your dispute on parenting or finances.

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Our selection of divorce or separation packages

£ 599 pp

Suitable for couples who want a neutral review of their agreement and sense check for court.

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£ 1199 pp

Suitable for couples who want a barrister to give an expert view on their case.

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£ 1299 pp

Suitable for couples who want independent legal advice each on their case.

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£ 350 pp

A solicitor for each party to manage your divorce professionally & amicably. Start the process in one hour.

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£ 999 pp

For couples who want a barrister to tell them what is a fair outcome. Includes a legally binding consent order.

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A new way to settle divorce

Whether your divorce is the best thing or the worst thing that has happened to you - don’t let it be the most expensive thing. Our divorce or separation packages help you to avoid costly court fees, solicitor bills, time and stress.

Building on our experience of helping over 1000 couples divorce or separate through our mediation businesses, we have devised four fixed fee packages to help you cut through all the stress, legal expense and unknowns that come with a divorce through a traditional solicitor managed divorce.

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Settle Divorce
    We offer the following:
  • Fixed fee divorces

  • Legally binding financial orders

  • Legal advice from solicitor

  • Barrister reviews on your case

Licensed Access Barrister Reviews

Divorce Friend hold a license for Direct Bar Access.

We instruct a specialist family law barrister to provide an impartial and informed written report of their recommendations for your case.

Our Barrister Package is a completely new way to get the answers to the issues you cannot reach agreement on and understand what a court is most likely to order on your case, but without the £20,000 fee per party of a full court case.

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Divorce with Legal Advice

Do you prefer independent legal advice at a fixed fee?

We have teamed up with two firms of Resolution accredited solicitors, who will work with each of you to give you specific legal advice based on your individual circumstances and then provide a written report of that advice.

Once you have your report, you can return to your divorce expert who will help you to agree a resolution based on the legal advice received.

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Already reached an agreement?

Already reached an agreement but want to make sure it is fair and acceptable to the court? Our expert package allows you to check that you have considered everything that the court will want you to have considered, look at the settlement to make sure it will be acceptable to the court, and check your grounds for the divorce are correct.

Professional Legal Advice

Our packages include a family law solicitor for both parties, plus a divorce expert

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Not getting divorced yet?

Instead of a divorce, our solicitors can draft a legal deed of separation laying out your agreement. There are no court fees to add for a deed of separation.

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Want a legally binding order?

Our solicitors can draft a clean break consent order, protecting you both from future claims and ensuring your agreement is legally binding.

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Need additional help?

If you need a new will, conveyancing for your house sale, insurance for maintenance payments, or a pension share set up, we can help you with this and more!

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