Should all Family Law and Divorce Solicitors in Cardiff charge fixed fees?

 The Competitions and Market Authority (CMA) has recently published their report into competition within the complicated area of Family Law. The CMA states that fixed fees are “the optimum solution especially in areas like family law, where consumers are often at their most vulnerable” and that “consumers need price transparency”.

There are many divorce solicitors in Cardiff who offer a fixed fee for a divorce or other legal work. The difficulty comes when, as is often the case, the clients cannot agree, or refuse to compromise, on the parenting or financial arrangements of their divorce or separation. A divorce where an application to court is made for a financial order or a child arrangement order will cost an estimated £20,000 for each party but can rise considerably as you will no doubt be aware from numerous reports in the national press.

There is one firm of family law solicitors in Cardiff who have tried to address this with a staged fee approach, but the full cost of a financial hearing, where you will need to attend at least three separate hearings before you receive a final order, will cost upwards of £12,000 and that does not include the fee for a barrister.

In an ideal world, only those cases where one party is being completely unrealistic, unreasonable or just not engaging in the process or where there has been domestic abuse, would need to go to court. In all other cases the parties would save their money and resolve matters without recourse to spending thousands of pounds on legal fees, court fees, Cardiff divorce solicitors, Cardiff divorce lawyers and barristers.

Divorce Friend was established with the help of Business Wales, Brethertons LLP, Jackson West Solicitors and St Ives Barrister Chambers, as an alternative to using family law and divorce solicitors in Cardiff. We can save you the £20,000 average costs of going to court and have our barristers instruct you on what they think is a likely outcome. If you do not agree, you can still apply to court, but the outcome is likely to be similar and yet you are each £20,000 worse off. The sad fact of the matter is the money you spend arguing over the issues, can further reduce your options.

There is a huge difference between having a £10,000 deposit for a property and a £30,000 deposit. It can be the difference between buying a new property nearer the school you want, getting a better mortgage rate, opening up more mortgage options for you or purchasing a property with an extra bedroom. I am sure we could all think of better ways to spend £20,000 than on legal arguments with our ex partner.


For those clients who are already embroiled in the legal process and have found that it does not give them the quick answers they were hoping for, it drains their savings, it is a long, drawn out and stressful process and ceases any hope of any ongoing parental relationship between you both, we offer our Rescue Package. For a fixed fee of £999 per person, we will collate all your financial information or Form E’s agree what the specific issues are to be agreed and what each of your positions on those issues are and then send the file off to our family law barristers. Your case will be allocated to the barrister best placed to deal with the matter, they will write a report on what the law is, how it is applied to your case and what they think a court would order, were it to go to a final hearing.


If you accept their report, our family law solicitors will prepare a consent order for you both and submit this to the court to be enshrined in law. As Resolution accredited solicitors they will not try to amend or enhance the agreement you have reached. Should family law and divorce solicitors in Cardiff charge a fixed fee? There is one company now that does for you. See for further details and to download our free divorce guides, and examples of real life cases.






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