What is an amicable divorce and why should you try and achieve one?

The traditional way to divorce involved going to your local firm of solicitors who would draft a petition and file it with the local court. The court would then write to the other party who may or may not know it was coming in the post. They would then instruct a solicitor and the two sides would wrangle over the finances and/or parenting, filing further applications to the court for a financial order and a parenting order.

The system was set up for confrontation and designed to end up in court, or agreeing a last minute deal outside of the court. The average solicitor quote for a financial order is £20,000 plus VAT, with parenting matters resolved at court, costing an average of £10,000 plus VAT.

There was little opportunity for either side to properly express themselves. The court experience was rarely quick yet always expensive, unless you took the gamble to represent yourself, which has led to some horror stories.

Fortunately, times are changing. You can get divorced for nothing (except for the court fees) by downloading the forms from the internet and completing them yourself at home.  You can use an internet divorce company (some are better than others) to process the divorce for you. Or you can use one of the many fixed fee divorce packages offered by solicitor firms.

So you can process your divorce easier and more cost effectively than before, but what about sorting out the parenting or financial arrangements of your divorce? This is an area where the system is still very much stuck in the past and still costs many thousands of pounds to sort out.

Divorce Friend offers an alternative – a fixed fee way to resolve your disputes. All you need to do is agree to have them resolved this way. Our barristers can let you know what is a fair agreement without spending thousands on setting your positions out and being given unreasonable expectations. It avoids the ‘let’s ask for 80% and then settle at 60%’ approach, which just upsets the other party and forces them to dig their heals further in.

Alternatively, our lawyer package gives you realistic legal advice, from Resolution accredited solicitors who are focused on helping you achieve a result, not focused on increasing their revenue from the case by going to court.

There are still many people for whom an amicable divorce is not suitable. If you are a victim of domestic abuse or if the other party has completely unrealistic demands and will not budge. Sometimes the other party just does not want to communicate in the hope that it will all go away. But for every other case, aspiring for an amicable divorce should be your first aim. It will leave more money in the family pot, be far less stressful and will allow your divorce to be concluded quicker, so both of you can focus on moving on with your lives.

You do not have to like each other, you just have to agree to sort things out as amicably as possible, putting blame, the past and any anger to one side in order to get the problem fairly resolved.

Our amicable divorces all include a solicitor for each of you to manage the divorce and our fixed fee packages start from £350pp.

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