Real life examples

Navigating your way through a divorce can be difficult. Here are some real life examples of clients from Divorce Friend and our mediation companies, Surrey Mediation Service & Hampshire Family Mediation

We would like to thank our clients for allowing us to use their experiences and we have changed the names and any detail that may identify them. 

Elena and Gwyn wanted to share their assets fairly but needed help on the pensions and house sale. They had no idea about how to process the divorce but wanted to remain amicable for their 16 year old daughter.

Alison suspected Michael of cheating and tensions were very high. They had two young children. Alison wanted to keep the house. Michael was insisting the house was sold now and everything be split 50/50.

Ian and Martina had been married for 24 years and Ian was worried he would face financial ruin on the divorce. He was adamant he did not want to pay maintenance or share as his pension as the divorce was Martina's idea. 

Lucy and Barry could not agree on what to do and tried family mediation. When this broke down they hired separate solicitors to go to court. They spent £49,000 on legal and court fees, with the process taking 13 months.